About Me



Katherine Mary Moore is a Transformational Wellness Coach and Tantric Yoga Teacher, with over 500hrs certified multi-style yoga certification and 5 years training in Ontology, Communication and Facilitation. Her mission is to enlighten, empower, inspire and unite by training.

She is the author of the upcoming book Autobiography of a Yoni, which gives insight from a female perspective on the path to fulfilment. She coaches in the areas of health, relationships & entrepreneurship and asserts that our global issues will be rectified by the elevation of more female leaders. Furthermore, she contends that when entrepreneurs embrace a collaborative, creative exchange and mindset, healthier de-centralised systems can be shaped for our future.

Kat worked in all levels of the fashion industry for over 11 years where she gained skills as a designer and project manager. She led large teams and was a key player in many successful creative brand strategies in both Sweden and the UK. After years of challenging the ethics of the industry she grew tired and was suffering from panic attacks, anxiety & depression. She received the golden gift of severance in 2014 and came into contact with the best yoga studio in London to ignite the fire of her healing journey. Since this time yoga and eastern practices and philosophy has become a way of life for her. Her journey to India that followed, where she trained in several yoga and meditation and massage styles, opened doors to a spiritual world that she didn’t know existed.

When she returned home to the West she saw key elements missing in our lives and knew she could contribute to our collective healing. Ever since then her mission has seen her commit to learning and training herself in the areas of coaching, mindset and ontology, to improve her life and the lives of others.

If you are committed to becoming all that you can possibly be, come work with Katherine Mary Moore now!