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Kat is an amazing, beautiful soul, she has helped me in many aspects of my life. She is a fantastic Coach & Yoga Instructor, and has helped me with transforming my diet through education and meal planners. I have now been empowered to stop taking the prescribed medication I have been on. My health has improved drastically and my lifestyle has transformed.

- Tim -

I am present to how much community and connection means to me, the longing for belonging, and through you, you have given me that feeling of community. It has been amazing, and I feel very grateful deep in my heart, you are like an angel. Being with like minded individuals has been so transformative and given me so much. I am so grateful for the accountability which has supported me in momentum going forward. I have also learnt so much about compassionate boundaries towards others which has empowered me greatly.

- Bea -

Kat and I first connected as participants in a business program in late 2020. Little did I know that this relationship was about to fundamentally change my life! Her genuine nature had me agree to working with her in January 2021. Although she truly offers sanctuary, her leadership is nothing short of dynamic. Being a ‘party of one’ for several years, I was a bit apprehensive to go all in. I struggled to trust that other people would have my best interest at heart. Yet, her presence, focus and commitment to my breakthrough guided me through the fear of losing out and also served as a healthy reminder of what’s possible when we create clarity and collaboration.

With Kat, I’ve tapped into my self-worth and what it means to lead a life and businesses through the lens of integrity. Thank you Kat for being you and the waves of empowerment you are showering the world with.

- Tammy -

Thanks & Love :pray: